Business breakfast: How to make it: surviving on-site tax audit without financial losses
Speaking engagements
Denis Savin BGP Litigation senior associate
Natalia Yurchenkova BGP Litigation associate

During the seminar the managers of companies in various business industries and representatives of accounting, tax and finance departments discussed the most acute issues of on-site tax audits with BGP Litigation associates.

The members dealt with essential topics: first signs evidencing near on-site tax audit; methods allowing its prevention; preparation of a company for the audit and its conduct. Certain tax control measures and examples of responses to them from experience of BGP Litigation were considered. Denis Savin, senior associate, was a speaker.

The second part of meetings was dedicated to the procedure for out-of-court and court settlement of tax disputes. Natalia Yurchenkova, the firm’s associate, reported on the procedure for contestation of tax claims, on the most frequent procedure irregularities on the part of inspectorates, allowing cancellation of the final decision rendered, and other information on preparation of objections to the audit reports and appeals against the decision rendered. The latest amendments made to Federal Law No. 130-ФЗ dated May 01, 2016 relating to out-of-court appeal, submission of objections to the results of additional tax control measures, review of the audit materials were discussed as well.

Within the breakfast meetings, the problems of interaction with tax inspectorates within desk audits—during the procedures for examination, discovery of documents and explanations—were at issue.