Media breakfast: Bankruptcy: changes in the legislation and practice. Half a year of the game according to the new rules: initial results and lessons
Organizer: BGP Litigation
Location: Office of BGP Litigation
Topic / Program:

- Gaining control in bankruptcy proceedings: debtors vs. creditors. Is it possible to maintain a balance of interests?

- Insolvency of credit institutions: key changes in regulation

- Mechanisms protecting creditors' rights upon bankruptcy


1. In 2015, significant changes were made to the bankruptcy legislation and its application. The practical implications of the following will be addressed:

- broadening application of the category of good faith in bankruptcy cases;

- financial rehabilitation of credit institutions. Are we about to see a second wave of revocation of banking licenses?

- imposition of secondary liability on interested parties;

- review of key insolvency procedures and prospects of improving legislative regulation.

2. Financial restructuring: imminent changes. Draft law of the Ministry of Economic Development. What's in store for business, and what is the likelihood that the bankruptcy law will again be significantly amended?