Conference: REMIC-2016
Organizer: Gazprom and the Corporate Owners Club ("COC")
Location: St. Petersburg, Expoforum
Topic / Program: (Russian)

The attendees of The 5th International Conference Real Estate Management in Corporations (REMIC 2016) included public officials and members of the business community, such as senior executives of leading Russian corporations, State Duma deputies, officials from the Ministry of Economic Development and Ministry of Energy, senior public officials from the St. Petersburg and Leningrad region government, and Russian and foreign experts. The topics of discussion ranged from pressing issues of real estate management and the land legislation to systems of registration and taxation of corporate real estate. The aim of the conference was to improve relations between business and government in respect of land and property. 

BGP Litigation managing partner Timur Unarokov and tax litigation partner Alexander Golikov, who attended the conference, were positive about the event.  

"REMIC is a great platform for improving relations between government agencies and companies from the private sector in the sphere of real estate. The conference represents a fine opportunity to forge and optimize partnerships with the participants", said Timur Unarokov, commenting on the event.