BGP Litigation partner Alexander Vaneev speaks with Kommersant FM about the process of Otkritie securing the return of money stolen by George Urumov and Vladimir Gersamia

"The process of getting back the money that was stolen could take Otkritie a long time, said Alexander Vaneev, a partner at BGP Litigation: "The asset search process is quite complex. The more savvy the defendants in using various financial operations to conceal assets, the more difficult it is. When we have done asset searches in the past, it involved shoveling our way through a huge number of deals, transactions and wire transfers in various jurisdictions. A problem the claimant may encounter here is not only the sheer number of such jurisdictions, but also, possibly, the English court judgment may not be recognized everywhere. In some jurisdictions this is a huge, protracted process"". 
The full article (in Russian) is available here: "Удачное «Открытие»".