Interview with BGP Litigation managing partner Timur Unarokov published in Legal Insight magazine

Part of the interview is already available here (in Russian): "Мы решаем не юридическую, а бизнес-задачу".  

In the full article, available online and in print (Legal Insight, No. 1 (57), 2017), Timur Unarokov also discusses:  
- peculiarities of special situations in Russia; 
- specifics of managing a law firm from a business standpoint, and the distinguishing 'non-legal' features of BGP Litigation;
- integration of the firm's services, and client problems that can be tackled;
- why attorneys from the Znaniye law office joined BGP Litigation;
- why it is easier for the firm to stick to hourly rates more than other firms;
- three significant trends on the market today.