BGP Litigation partner Alexander Vaneev speaks with Kommersant about specifics of procurement of legal services for proceedings in international courts and arbitrations

""Competition on this market is quite strong", BGP Litigation partner Alexander Vaneev told Kommersant, referring to legal services for international arbitrations. "But if one talks about complex specific disputes, then there aren't that many firms around the world that are actually prepared to take them on", he added. Therefore, in unique cases such as the dispute between YUKOS shareholders and the Russian Federation, "the mechanism of procuring legal services from a single supplier has every right to exist", says Mr Vaneev. But with standard disputes, often over commercial contracts or supplies, "it can't be said that a service is unique and can only be purchased from one provider". In his view, in each specific dispute it should first be determined "what advantages are inherent in one or another firm, and then on that basis the mechanism should be chosen" –– tender or single supplier".

The full article (in Russian) is available here: "Защищать интересы России будут вне конкурса".