BGP Litigation counsel Sergey Lisin speaks with about a dispute over the return of a contingent fee paid for a victory in court which was subsequently overturned in cassation proceedings

"Indeed, the obligations terminate with due performance, and there are no provisions in the Civil Code that can 'resurrect' them, adds  attorney Sergey Lisin. But the judicial acts in the case, while technically lawful, have turned out to be essentially unfair, says the attorney".

The BGP Litigation counsel added that the courts, noting the literal sense of the contract and the parties' intention in entering into it, decided to leave the fee with CJSC Region Finance, ignoring the fact that the judicial act was subsequently set aside (on the basis of which OJSC PATP No. 1 received the money from the budget).

The full article (in Russian) is available here: "Верховный суд решит судьбу гонорара успеха после поворота судебного акта".