BGP Litigation attorney Georgy Baganov speaks with Kommersant FM about problems associated with criminal cases and white collar crime investigations

"...the queen of all 'white collar articles' is the article dealing with fraud. Three-quarters of all cases are based on it. Most businesspeople who find themselves the subject of attention on the part of law enforcement authorities immediately choose the wrong defense tactic, said Georgy Baganov, attorney at BGP Litigation.

"Businesspeople tend to start looking for someone they already know for help, often turning to their corporate counsel. But that's not the way to solve the problem as quickly and effectively as possible. For objective reasons, neither a company's in-house legal team nor corporate security department are in a position to assess the risks of criminal prosecution associated with legal relationships. To most effectively mitigate those risks, one should seek advice from attorneys specializing in criminal law", he emphasizes".

The full article (in Russian) is available here: "Ничего личного".