Anastasia Evtushenko, BGP Litigation senior associate, commented for Vedomosti on the amalgamation of Yandex.Taxi and Uber from the standpoint of anti-monopoly risks

In general, the company is recognized as dominant if its share exceeds 50% at certain market (Article 5 of the Federal Law On Protection of Competition). The share may be less than 50% if the other conditions for control over the market are fulfilled and the competitors’ shares are small.

“According to the projections of Yandex, the share of their business jointly with Uber will be less than 50% at the market. Accordingly, if the share of the amalgamated company is less than 50% and if it does not exercise a dominant influence on the taxi market functioning or prevent competition at the market, the transaction in merger of two companies will comply with the requirements of the competition laws,” Anastasia Evtushenko, BGP Litigation Senior Associate, believes.

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