Amendments to the EU Gas Legislation May Prevent Nord Stream 2 Project. Expert opinion of lawyer Denis Durashkin for Ъ newspaper

The European Commission plans to amend the EU gas legislation; if it is amended, the European Union laws will cover Nord Stream 2, Gazprom’s project.

Denis Durashkin from BGP Litigation considers extension of the regulations of the Third Energy Package to the territory not included in the EU to be a “rather problematic initiative”, as it contradicts the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, under which jurisdiction of the states does not cover the neutral waters. To become a law, the EC initiative should be supported by the European Council (i.e., by Germany interested in the project, as well). But if the amendments become effective, Gazprom will have either to transfer control over Nord Stream 2 to a separate pipeline company or to withdraw from the project, the lawyer explains.

Original news: Nord Stream2 Will Be Plugged with the Third Package (Kommersant newspaper, No. 191 dated October 13, 2017)