A comment of the partner with the firm, Alexander Golikov, is published in a Pravo.ru-300 article entitled “The 2015 legal market: what changed with the crisis?”

Alexander Golikov, a partner with BGP Litigation, confirms that the authorities are trying to cover a budget deficit, among other things, by changing the practice of reviewing tax disputes and tightening tax control. However, this is a worldwide trend: for example, the British government recently established a solitary responsibility principle, which states that if a fly-by-night company fails to pay VAT, all players in the distribution chain lose the right to a tax return and must pay for their disappearing counterparty. The same issue – identifying taxpayer relationships with fly-by-night companies – concerns Russian tax inspectors, who also became much more efficient at challenging incorrect legal classifications of completed deals: “This effectively forces the business to not just optimize deals, but to do so using strictly legal tax planning methods.”

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