BGP Litigation associate Denis Durashkin appears on the live RBC television program Babich. Trend concerning the forthcoming privatization of a stake in Rosneft

Answering questions put to him by Daniil Babich, Denis Durashkin said he believes there will be an interim stage in the privatization of Rosneft. Under such an approach the deadline can be circumvented and the best terms can be worked out for the deal, something that would not be possible under a tight, fixed deadline. The process of selling the non-blocking stake of 19.5% to an investor is quite complex and protracted, he noted, because the buyer of the shares will do everything to guarantee its management rights in the company, necessitating the conclusion of a shareholders agreement.

Denis Durashkin said he believes it is likely that in the next few days a meeting of the board of directors will be held to pass a resolution approving transactions by Rosneft subsidiaries on the acquisition of Rosneft shares from Rosneftegaz.

A recording of the programme, which aired on 6 December, is available here (in Russian): "«Роснефть» заняла ₽600 млрд за полчаса".