BGP Litigation counsel Sergey Lisin speaks with Vedomosti about the prospects of the RUB 670 million claim filed by Baltiyskiy Bank former co-owner Oleg Shigaev

"It is likely that the court will again find that the claimant failed to file within the limitation period, says Sergey Lisin, counsel at BGP Litigation. 

Even if it is proved in court that the claimant did transfer the money to the bank and the limitation period has not yet expired, the other party could try to refer to evidence from the criminal case relating to the alleged siphoning off of assets from the credit institution at the instruction of Shigaev himself, adds Lisin. Although the Court has yet to hand down its verdict regarding those events, this could still adversely affect Shigaev's chances to win the case, said the lawyer".

The full article (in Russian) is available here: "Бывший совладелец Балтийского банка Олег Шигаев требует с банка 670 млн рублей".