BGP Litigation attorney Georgy Baganov speaks with Vedomosti about the change in the indictment against the former co-owners of Trust Bank

"Changing the article of the criminal statute on which charges are being brought is nothing unusual for an investigation, agrees Georgy Baganov, an attorney with BGP Litigation, noting that it tends to happen when investigating officers discover new information. Without going into too much detail, the difference between the articles is that liability under "misappropriation or embezzlement" arises if the accused was in lawful possession of the property that was subsequently misappropriated or embezzled (transferred to third parties, for example), he explains. The article "fraud", as opposed to "embezzlement", relates to situations where the accused unlawfully gained possession of property that was not his, and stole it, said Baganov".

The full article (in Russian) is available here: "Следствие изменило обвинительную статью для бывших совладельцев банка «Траст»".