BGP Litigation managing director Alexey Nechaev comments on the potential sale of O'key

Alexey Nechaev said: "The rumors concerning the possible sale of O'key are indirectly supported by a number of facts. Over the course of the last year there have been significant changes in the group's management, including changes to the board of directors and introduction of the new post of director for strategy, mergers and acquisitions. 

It is a well-known fact that in 2015 the O'key group launched the Da! discount retail chain and is actively developing it. The chain has opened more than 40 locations to date. 

It can be assumed that the owners of O'key see stronger prospects in that area of the business and are therefore separating the structures under their control, and Da! is not within the perimeter of the potential deal. 

The group's owners have a diversified business. They probably have decided to focus on other projects. But it's unlikely they will quit retail completely".

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