BGP Litigation senior associate Anton Pomazan commented for Pravo.Ru on the overview of the Supreme Court’s practice in bankruptcy proceedings

“New overview of the Supreme Court will help to ensure consistent court approaches to resolution of various disputes arising from the involvement of competent authorities,” believes Anton Pomazan, BGP Litigation Senior Associate. “Often the parties to bankruptcy proceedings have to face different interpretation of the same norms in different regions, which, certainly, cannot have positive effect on the court practice consistency and law enforcement predictability,” the expert points out.

“Although, in some part, the overview has confirmed the approaches already existing in the court practice to resolution of disputes involving competent authorities, yet its adoption has removed lots of discrepancies in the application of statutory provisions on bankruptcy, in particular, with regard to discharge of claims by acceptance of compensation for release from obligations, initiation of legal entity’s bankruptcy proceeding based on its indebtedness on insurance deductions without any court order, competent authorities’ right to make claims arising from government contracts in bankruptcy proceedings, indebtedness classification as current indebtedness or outstanding employee entitlements for work performed prior to the appointment of an insolvency practitioner, procedure for application of Article 313 of the Civil Code,” the lawyer notes.

The full article (in Russian) is available here: "Юристы прокомментировали обзор практики Верховного суда по делам о банкротстве".