BGP Litigation attorney Georgy Baganov commented to RBC on the initiation of criminal proceeding against the head of Adamas Factory on the suspicion in tax evasion for the amount of 5 billion rubles

BGP Litigation attorney Georgy Baganov explained to RBC that the most severe punishment under part 2 of Art. 199 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, according to which a criminal proceeding was initiated, is the imprisonment for the period up to 6 years.

"The question of sentence lies within the competence of the court and is considered taking into account the circumstances of the case, the accused person, the repayment of damages before the consideration of the case in court. In the case of repayment of damages the most likely option, is that the court will sentence a punishment not connected with the actual imprisonment"- attorney explained.

He also noted that, theoretically, the case can be dismissed through the pre-trial process after the full repayment of the amount of arrears and related penalties, as well as the amount of the fines according to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.

The full article (in Russian) is available here: "Главу завода «Адамас» заподозрили в уходе от налогов на 5 млрд руб."