BGP Litigation senior associate Ilya Sorokin speaks with Delovoy Peterburg about the possibility of consolidation of legal actions by St. Petersburg contractors against JSC ICA Astaldi-IC Ictaş WHSD Insaat Anonim Sirketi

"Ilya Sorokin, senior associate at BGP Litigation, takes another view. "If the court finds that the plaintiffs' claims are related, they could possibly be consolidated," he says. "The stronger the plaintiffs' position and the more passive the defendant, the greater the chances that the actions will be consolidated. In the situation in question this could be taken as an informal sign that the court finds the actions to be well founded". But in practice, he notes, actions are rarely consolidated, and the chances it will actually happen are low – especially since each contract has its own subject matter, and unique evidence will be adduced in support of the creditors' claims.

The full article (in Russian) is available here: "Турецкий подрядчик ЗСД не расплатился с десятками петербургских компаний".