We are uniquely placed to advise clients on major cross-border bankruptcies, including execution and levy against assets in the RF and abroad, resulting in the highest recovery rates and asset preservation.

We offer the following bankruptcy-related services:

  • Pre-bankruptcy analysis and development of a strategy for working with debtors operating in multiple jurisdictions;
  • Participation in cross-border bankruptcies, including challenging transactions on asset stripping in foreign jurisdictions;
  • Advising on restructuring and replacement of assets;
  • Consolidation of accounts payable;
  • Imposition of criminal and civil penalties on the persons that control a debtor.

With regard to levy against assets, the firm can advise on:

  • Document discovery and disclosure of information about a debtor's assets and those of its affiliates;
  • Identification and attachment of a debtor's accounts receivable in order to secure repayment of the debt;
  • Obtaining provisional relief in relation to debtors, beneficiaries and management, including in foreign jurisdictions;
  • Appointment of administrators by the courts in order to conduct financial investigations into asset stripping.

Our Experience
  • Represented a foreign bank during one of the largest personal trans-national bankruptcies in Europe. The project included securing legal and physical control over a major portion of the premium real estate held by the client as collateral. The project was conducted in 12 jurisdictions: Ireland, Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Belize, Panama, Sweden, Hong Kong, UAE, Liechtenstein, and Russia. The total volume of bank claims against the borrower’s companies exceeded 2 billion Euro.
  • Successfully defended a leading international holding company engaged in mineral resource production against an unjustified bankruptcy claim at a district court in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  • Represented the interests of an official receiver for a large commercial bank during a dispute over the repossession of a commercial estate in downtown Moscow.
  • Consulted world’s largest insurance company regarding the bankruptcy of a number of legal entities in Russia.
  • Represented a creditor in connection with the bankruptcy of a large chemical manufacturer with claims exceeding 20 mln USD. Subsequently, the creditor purchased the assets and restarted production.
  • Identification of suspicious transactions and transactions performed in breach of the statutory order of priority of satisfaction of creditors' claims, the total value of which exceeded RUB 1.5 billion, in the course of advising on the bankruptcy of several group companies. In providing legal support to the trustee in bankruptcy of one of the group companies, the amount of tax assessed by the tax authority was reduced by more than RUB 30 million.
  • Advising the Russian representative office of a corporation on the recovery of past-due indebtedness from one of its largest customers (the total amount of the debt was approximately $30 million) with the use of bankruptcy mechanisms; preparation of a procedural strategy.
  • Advising a leading bank regarding the bankruptcy of a financial institution, including tactics to protect against legal action by bondholders.
  • Advising a resource supplier on bankruptcy law and providing comprehensive support of the debtor's bankruptcy.
  • Advising a major supplier of a leading corporation on restructuring and bankruptcy affecting the operations of the holding's parent entity and affiliated companies.
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  • Advising several guarantors (Russian legal entities and individuals) on actions the creditor may take to recover a debt and subsequent potential bankruptcy.
  • Comprehensive support with respect to the bankruptcy of a debtor, including legal support of the trustee in bankruptcy in procuring the return of the debtor's main asset – real estate – which had been unlawfully alienated by an offshore company as a result of an internal corporate conflict.
  • Representing a major non-governmental organization as creditor in respect of the bankruptcy of two Russian banks, with the aim of having the creditor's claims of RUB 900 million satisfied.