Advising a business at the pre-bankruptcy stage with a view to restructuring its credit portfolio and raising finance, improving corporate governance, attracting new business partners, achieving financial stability and improving transparency at the company.

We ensure payments to shareholders and creditors are maximized by taking a multifaceted approach to financial and operational restructuring where there is a possibility of stabilizing an ongoing business and leading it out of a crisis.

We have a unique track record on financial and operational restructuring projects involving various industry-specific aspects. Clients also entrust us with highly complex matters, where there is a possibility of stabilizing an ongoing business and leading it out of a crisis.

Our experience in business restructuring matters includes the following:

  • Conducting negotiations with a pool of creditors with the objective of preserving the business and maximizing loan repayment;
  • Attracting financial investors to debt and equity capital in order to restore distressed companies to normal operations;
  • Elaborating a financial model for the business in order to ascertain viable terms of refinancing;
  • Formation of a fully fledged management team at short notice to ensure continuity of management of the business, and appointment of an interim CRO (Chief Restructuring Officer), CFO and CEO;
  • Development and implementation of plans to improve operational performance indicators at distressed companies (cleaning up corporate structures, building up KPI, business process optimization, capex management, creation of a single planning and reporting process).
Our Experience
  • Restructured one of the largest international liqueur holdings with total debt in excess of 1 bln EUR. The project involved coordinating the negotiation process on behalf of an investment consortium, restructuring a bonded loan, and structuring new debt and equity financing.
  • Represented a group of development companies in the process of restructuring debt to a syndicate of Russian and foreign banks.
  • Consulted with a major Russian juice producer in connection with debt restructuring and the sale of the business to a strategic investor for 276 mln USD.
  • Restructured and raised equity capital for a major Russian IT integrator with revenue of more than 800 mln USD.
  • Defended a client in a corporate conflict between majority shareholders in a large raw materials holding company: supported judicial proceedings in Russia, coordinated negotiations with minority shareholders and creditors, and managed communications with the press and rating agencies. The conflict was settled out of court.
  • Consulted Asia’s second largest air carrier in connection to restructuring a 19-million USD debt.
  • Restructured a chemical holding company, which included buying-out of problem loans, supporting the bankruptcy process, negotiating with banks and authorities, raising investments in operating capital and restarting the enterprise.
  • Represented a creditor in connection with the bankruptcy of a large chemical manufacturer with claims exceeding 20 mln USD. Subsequently, the creditor purchased the assets and restarted production.
  • Representing a meat-processing plant before a consortium of banks, coordinating the debt repayment schedule, and advising on operational restructuring and disposition of the plant's non-core assets.
  • Preparing a plan for restructuring an oil refinery's debt to five banks and suppliers and attraction of a financial investor.
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  • Advising a major supplier of a leading corporation on restructuring affecting the operations of the holding's parent entity and affiliated companies.
  • Representing a food producer before creditor banks in the course of a restructuring, and advising it on the attraction of private sector financing. Preparing a debt repayment schedule that allows for optimal operating activities and the requisite return on investment.
  • Conducting negotiations with the creditor bank of a beverage company, formulating an approach to operations that would exclude the company's own production facilities, and attracting a financial investor.
  • Analyzing the operations of a distressed energy company, evaluating the prospects of debt repayment, and formulating a plan for the company's recovery, including risk assessment and attraction of an investor.