The purpose of an internal investigation is to protect a client's interests, and often they are the only way of collecting evidence.

Steps must be taken to establish, check and document certain facts and circumstances in order to protect a client's interests.

We conduct a preliminary analysis of the client's actions or the actions of other persons to ascertain whether or not they are compliant with applicable law for the purpose of formulating a legal position. Such an analysis helps mitigate adverse consequences in the event that official investigations or legal proceedings are launched.

Our internal investigation work includes the following aspects:

  • collecting the requisite information and documents, including by submitting information requests and obtaining information from government authorities, local authorities, non-governmental organizations and other entities
  • obtaining written statements from persons who may possess the information needed
  • collecting and, where required, providing law enforcement authorities and the courts with items and documents that may be deemed physical evidence or another type of evidence in the course of a preliminary investigation or litigation
  • engaging specialists to clarify any issues requiring specialist knowledge
  • other actions not inconsistent with Russian Federation law.

Our Experience

  • Following the unexpected revocation of a bank's license by the Central Bank of Russia, evidence collected in the course of an internal investigation and the legal position that was formulated enabled it to be proved that the bank's owner and senior management had not committed any crimes, despite the risk of the transactions in question being treated as criminal acts by law enforcement authorities.
  • The firm's attorneys helped the management of a leading construction company avoid criminal charges following a field tax audit by providing explanations and other documentary proof that certain transactions had actually been performed. The tax authority's decision was contested in arbitrazh court.
  • Evidence attesting to the innocence of the chairman of the board of a commercial bank, collected in the course of an internal investigation conducted in parallel with preliminary enquiries by investigators into a borrower's failure repay a major loan and deliberate bankruptcy, enabled BGP Litigation's client to avoid criminal liability.
  • Relying on the advice of BGP Litigation, our client, a pharmaceutical firm, managed to prove that its employees were not involved in any wrongdoing in the context of a criminal investigation into possible legal offences committed in the course of state procurements of drugs.
  • Evidence collected by BGP Litigation during an investigation into irregularities on the part of the management of an energy company, initiated by its shareholders after discovering funds had been misappropriated, led to criminal prosecution of the guilty parties.
  • Advice provided by BGP Litigation enabled a shareholder of a metals company who was involved in a corporate conflict with a business partner to avoid unjustified criminal prosecution. Evidence of the opponent's unlawful actions was collected, provided to investigators and submitted to court.
  • We helped the owner of a bank avoid criminal penalties when the bank's license was revoked. Evidence collected by BGP Litigation cast doubt over the incriminating evidence against our client.
  • Acting for the management of the pharmaceutical firm, BGP Litigation collected evidence indicating that the client had nothing to do with the bribing of Russian Ministry of Health officials in exchange for lobbying the firm's interests.